AasPass is a fitness revolution which gives you the freedom to access any fitness studio around them, without any expiry date. It allows anytime access to its 100+ Partner fitness studios across Mumbai providing various workouts every day, without the monotony of one long term gym membership and same workout routine.


AasPass gives you the flexibility of paying for a workout only when you actually attend it (pay-per-use, though the amount has to be deposited in advance), while preserving your money when you are unable to attend any workout. You will now be able to decide WHEN you want to attend a workout without the fear of losing money.


AasPass sells plans comprising of 5 Sessions, 10 Sessions and 25 Sessions. Upon purchase of any plan, the said no. of Sessions will get credited to your Pass (similar to a wallet). You can utilize these Sessions to access any of AasPass’s Partner fitness studio.

Through AasPass, you can attend a workout session for as low as Rs. 60 only


Sessions are similar to points that can be used to book classes in different studios. Each fitness studio costs a certain amount of Sessions depending on their location, facilities and services. The same shall be displayed next to the name of each studio, when you go on the studio listing/detail page for booking a workout. 
On booking a workout, Sessions assigned to that particular class get deducted from your total no. of Sessions.


Yes, you heard it right. The validity of Sessions is UNLIMITED. No more waste of money due to expiry of membership.


You can visit one particular fitness studio as many times as you want. There are no restrictions on the no. of visits to a fitness studio of your choice.


On the studio listing page, select the studio of your choice and click on ‘Book a Workout’.

Select the timeslot during which you will be able to attend the workout and click on ‘Proceed’.

Upon clicking on ‘Proceed’, a request will be sent to the studio.

Upon acceptance by the studio, you will get a message confirming your workout along with a Booking ID and OTP.

Reach the studio during your selected timeslot and provide the Booking ID and OTP at the reception. Once authenticated, you are all set for beginning your workout session.



90% of our Partner fitness studios provide their confirmation immediately. Other studio partners may take up to 10 minutes to confirm your booking. We will always keep you updated on the status of your workout request.


We want a smooth and hassle-free experience for you. We’re working with our Partner studios and our engineers to keep this as flexible as possible. While you can reserve an open gym access any time before you go, for a scheduled fitness class like yoga, zumba, etc. you are required to book at least 60 minutes to the scheduled starting time of the class. However, we highly recommend booking your class in advance to have a confirmed spot.



We believe that you will and you should always want to Work out in some good company. With AasPass, you can take your friends or family members along with you for working out. You can also book a workout on their behalf by just ensuring that they have their Booking ID and OTP handy when they arrive at the fitness studio. The corresponding no. of sessions will get deducted from your account.


We understand that sometimes you have some urgent work or you make some new plans. So, if, you are not going to be able to make to a workout, please make sure you cancel the workout via your ‘Past Activity’ tab on the app. By cancelling a workout up to 60 minutes in advance, your Sessions shall be restored.


We are working constantly to increase the list of our Partner fitness studios. However, we would love to hear from you in case there are studios which you would want us to get listed on our app. Please write to us on support@aaspass.in


We are adding new fitness studios every day. If you want to partner with us, please write to us at support@aaspass.in. We would be thrilled to discuss the opportunities with you!


We would love to hear from you and solve your queries. Please write to us on support@aaspass.in.